Alumni of London Business School (MBA) and the University of Wales (BSc. Economics), Mallam Musa has held strategic positions in various high level public and private organizations such as Microsoft corporation, where he was account manager for Anglophone West Africa, project director/COO of Abuja technology village, a partner in NEWE Advisory partners LLC in New york, Vice president of Athene Inc. (Houston). He was also the financial consultant to the CFO at Santongroup Energy LLC (New York). He most recently served as a Technical assistant to the immediate past minister of works in Nigeria. He is a motivated and geographically mobile individual with a track record of efficiency. His primary focus is combining strategic planning with core knowledge of finance to create successful business outcomes. he is currently the managing director of teasy mobile, a mobile money firm licensed by the central bank of nigeria.

Specialty: Finance and economics, hardware networking and management, open source programming, ICT infrastructure and business systems